About Us

About Us

Sedele Printing was established in Istanbul in 1951.

Since the first day, Sedele aimed to keep its technology up-to-date and to increase the satisfaction of the stakeholders. Focusing on this goal, Sedele has developed a managerial approach and working environment. In fact, internalized the idea that the technology has to be used to touch the aestheticism that mankind created.

Today, Sedele is one of the leading print facilities not only in Turkey but also in the world by means of production lines, integrative system and product variety established under one roof. Average of 200 colleagues are working hard in the 17.000 sqm facility to complete the orders at high standards and deliver in time aligned with the expectations.

Sedele has secured the quality of its service with SGS. We hold the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

On the other hand, environmental responsibility reflected not only to the ISO 14001 certificate, but also FSC accreditation, renewable energy usage, in-plant water treatment and waste parsing systems.

As a continuously progressing and developing company, Sedele knows the importance of intellectual manpower and evaluates training and education as a priority for colleagues.